Sep 4, 2011

Happy Father's day in September

Father's day in Malaysia is celebrated in June, one month and one week after Mother's day. Here, it is celebrated on the first weekend of September.

Number Two made two cards at playgroup and library.

Number One made a card and a bookmark in school, and bought gifts.

This is Number One's drawing of the two boys and their dad paddle boating at Bobbin Head.

Since it was inconceivable that we wait two whole days to give papa his gifts, the gifts were given on Friday. Of course, once the gifts were opened and admired and thanks said, the boys pounced on the gifts for their own entertainment.

Number One gives the father the same speech he gave me on Mother's Day.

"Think of my favourite thing in the world..."

"Like ice cream...Do you know how much I love ice cream?

I love you more."

"Do you know how much I love Beyblades?"

"I love you more."

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