Sep 24, 2011

The grass as my bed

Number Two has taken to doing something that raised our eyebrows.

When at an open field, he lies down on the grass. Sometimes he spreads out, like he's making a snow angel. Sometimes he tucks his hands behind his head. And then he closes his eyes, his face takes on a zen-like look and the corners of his lips turn almost unperceptibly upwards.

In Malaysia, you'd hardly catch anyone lying on the ground. Firstly, you'd ask : "Are there ants about?" Then you'd worry if the ground is damp. And what if soil got into your hair and on your clothes? Not to mention the looks you'd get from folks! If you had to sit on the ground and were prepared, you'd lay out a blanket. Or if you weren't prepared, you'd scrounge around for something you could lay your hands on - like a newspaper or a plastic bag or a handkerchief - and lay them about and gingerly sit down.

Anyway, I digress. On our last trip to the park, Number Two lay down and soaked the sun from his horizontal position. And he made it look tempting so I joined him and made hubby join me.

What was it like?

It was a bit of delicious abandonment.

You feel the warmth of the ground under you and the cool air of spring on your face.

You've never seen so much of the sky. It's like capturing it through a wide-angle lens.

But about 2 minutes was enough for Hubs and I. Your skin starts to feel like it's on a barbeque grill as the sun sears every inch, even through your clothes.

Of course, lying on the ground is nothing strange to Aussies. When we first arrived, we did look bemusedly at people sitting and lying on the ground (before this, a sight seen largely in movies!). This image was captured from the top of Sydney Tower when we visited it in January. It's folks in Hyde Park on a weekend.

p/s: Number One and Two also like rolling down a hill, Bollywood-style. We first saw some kids doing it in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Now whenever Number Two sees a lush green 40- degree angled hill, he lays down flat, arms straight by his side and sends himself downhill. 


  1. "rolling down a hill, Bollywood-style" - haha , that is so common in bollywood but not so common in India in reality :-)

  2. hehe, didn't think so. Else you'd have people spontaneously bursting into song in mid-street and strangers around instinctively knowing the choreography, wouldn't you? :D (We have a steady dose of Bollywood films in Malaysia)