Aug 14, 2011

When tables are turned...

wii timer

With kids, you need to get as good as you give...and I was caught.

I bought a kitchen timer from Kmart, to time the kids while they are on the Wii. The timer beeps 10 minutes and 5 minutes before time's up so they have fair warning. The timer is really to discipline me too, because the Wii is my babysitter and I'm so often reluctant to dismiss it. The system's working pretty well, so well Number One now sets his own timer.

But it has backfired.
I was on the PC and Number One wanted to use the PC. So he asks me if he can.
"No, no, I'm on it," I say, waving at him to bugger off.
"How long more?" he asks.
"2 minutes, 2 minutes," I say (meaning one hour).
"Okay!" he says and dashes out of the room.
10 seconds later, he's back in the room with the timer set to 2 minutes!
I sulk and slink away when the timer beeps.

Today, I was cooking dinner and I tell them that dinner's almost ready. "I just have to cook the egg."
"How long will that take?" Number One asks.
"5 minutes," I innocently answer.
Next thing I know, the timer's out and set to 5 minutes.

"Your time starts now!" he says with a flourish.
While I'm cooking, Number One is standing next to his bro. He folds his arms, and mutters to bro, "Looking good."
Number Two pipes up and says, "I want be-yoo-tiful food."
Halfway through, I jump when a shout of "It's game on!" resounds through the kitchen.
A short while later, the timer beeps.
"Time's up!" Number One shouts, while I'm still fussing about with the pan.
I get a frown from him. "You are supposed to throw your hands up when time's up."
And then he realises he missed something. "Hmm, I should have counted, "10, 9, 8, 7..."

Time to hide that timer...

ps: for those who missed the references, it's still all about Masterchef.

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