Aug 2, 2011

Scones with homemade strawberry jam

Strawberries are going cheap now, 2 packs for $5 at Coles. We've been gorging on them, topped with whipped cream and a spoonful of sugar. This week, I decided to make strawberry jam.

strawberries and lemon

This is strawberry jam without pectin. It's not gelatinous like the store bought jam, but pasty enough to spread. You can still see and taste bits of fruit in there and it's more fruit, less sugar and gelatin. No store bought jam can replace the homemade version.

home made strawberry jam

Of course strawberry jam goes with clotted cream and scones. So I make scones. (All this because of cheap strawberries!) But seriously, I like making scones because it only requires 3 ingredients which I always have around and they bake really quick.


Number Two had 3.

scones with jam and clotted cream

To make home made strawberry jam without pectin

Boil fruit and lemon juice (acidic fruits have natural pectin by the way) and sugar and water. (here's a recipe ) Put in sterilised jam jars (I boil the jars and lids for about 10 minutes) and pour the jam in. Pour the jam in real quick while everything is hot and screw the lid tight, then overturn to create a vacuum seal. (A vaccum is created when the thing cools down) Of course, if you are going to consume right away, you don't need the vacuum seal.

I used to sterilise my jars the wrong way - and mould would form in a few weeks even when stored in the fridge. After I sterilised the jars, I made the mistake of letting them cool in the open! Oops! No, no, you should pour the stuff in while everything (lid and all)'s fresh out of the boiler.
To make scones
Scones make me glad I have a processor.  I just dump in a few large chunks of butter (45 gm) and self-raising flour (3 cups) into the processor and go whirrrr. This results in a lovely yellow flour that looks like breadcrumbs. Then I pour in the milk (1 cup) to the buttered flour in a small stream while the processor goes whirrrr again. A rough looking dough forms.

A scone recipe is pretty standard - here's one

Sometimes I get lazy and don't measure a thing. I just chuck them into the processor until I get that breadcrumb texture!
The scones should about double in height, and come out flaky and buttery.

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