Aug 12, 2011

The politician/ lawyer/ salesman

I've long ago figured out Number Two for one of these three jobs. Here's why:

1) He leaps through loopholes and loves fine print
Number Two: "I want more potatoes"
Hubs:  "Eat your meat first"
Number 2 takes a bite and waits expectantly for more potatoes.
Hubs: "Eat ALL your meat first"

On another occasion, I struck a deal with him. "When you eat one piece of meat, you can have one potato. Deal?" Deal, he says.
As I reach for a meat, he intervenes.
"Potato first," he grins. "I already ate one meat just now."

2) He is quick to try and dodge a bullet
Hubs: "Why were you grounded, did you boys do something bad?"
Number 2 says: "Yea--", pauses, then rethinks and says, "No. Koko(elder bro) had a bad idea but he wanted to play and I played, and we got into trouble."

3) He is a charmer (completely biased opinion, but hey, it's my blog)
I pressed the wrong button thrice in a row, and exclaim, "I am awful! I am awful!"
Number Two frowns at me and says firmly, "No you are not."
I laugh and say, "So what am I? Wonderful?"
"Yes, you are wonderful, wonderful," he replies with doe eyes.
"But I always scold you," I playfully protest.
He puts on a contrite look and says, "That's because I did something bad."
Now, erring politicians, that's how you do a mea culpa!

4) He loves to talk
Empty air is an insult to him. To fill it, he will
a) say the weirdest things out of the blue
b) chatter endlessly to himself
c) chatter to anyone who will give him 5 minutes, and even those who won't (it's dead embaressing, I swear)...and worse, he won't stop after 5 minutes!

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