Aug 16, 2011

One's first basketball game

Number One was very excited about his first basketball game and told everyone about it over the weekend. He also prayed for divine help, and asked then his father if he was coming to watch his first game. So Hubs and I and the camera dutifully went to the game.

Their opponent ranks higher in the league tables and I've seen that team annihilate another team 24-6. So I was not too hopeful for a win, but hoped that Number One would enjoy himself at any rate.

Their team defense is good and they hold the score at nil for the first half. But then the opponent scores 2 points. Thankfully, One's team also scores 2 points to bring it level and make the second half nail-bitingly interesting.

At one point, I see Number One has his hands on the ball. "He's got the ball!" I scream excitedly because it's such a huge advancement from not having the ball. He passes it on.

"He passed it on!" I scream excitedly, because it's such so much better than dropping it on the floor.

Once, Hubs saw him get a whistle for travelling with the ball. Mostly, he's hanging around the fringes, unsure what to do but trying to look useful and staying alert in case any stray balls go his way.

With two minutes to go, the opponent scores a point. It's now 4-2. That's it, say Hubs and I, game over.

But a glimmer of hope emerges. With 30 seconds to go, One's teammate gets his hands on the ball and breaks away to speed down the court. He shoots! Alas, his ball does not go in.

So it ends a respectable 4-2. Number One is not too dashed. He's incredibly new at the game, and other moms have assured me that it took their sons a while to get up to speed. I'm thankful they are not kiasu(read: ultra competitive) and say it's all for fun. I'm a bit lost as to the rules but another mom assures me that it takes a while for parents to get up to speed too.

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