Aug 25, 2011

More reptiles at the Reptile Park

On with the last bit at the Australian Reptile Park.

The forecast had said 'a shower or two' but I decided to risk it. Fortunately for us, the weather held up till about 3 in the afternoon. At which point, we were pretty much done with the tour of the park and decided to go to the indoor exhibits.

These are the specimens in the glass cages. Hubs took all these photos.

Doesn't this look like it has lipstick and eyeliner on?

The most venomous snake in the world...the King Cobra. It came right up to the glass and stared the camera lens in the eye.

reptile park king cobra

reptile park king cobra

Other lizards...

reptile park

reptile park

reptile park

Ok, this is not a reptile, but it's a nice photo, so here you go...

reptile park stick insect

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