Aug 10, 2011

Malaysian food at Istana Thornleigh

Since we've been to Alice's a few times, I decided to head off to Istana, which is also at Thornleigh. I google Istana and the first result brings me to my favourite Masterchef contestant, Billy Law's blog. His review isn't very encouraging, but I'm game to try it anyway.

(Sorry, the pix is not very good because I used the iPhone)

Craving for some curry, and some long-winded cooking that I'd never attempt at home, I order the curry laksa. The soup is on the sourish side, and isn't that thick, luscious variety (KL style) or that sweet, thin variety (Penang style). Plus, curry mee isn't curry mee without the si ham (cockles). Sigh.

The kids tackle the Hainanese chicken rice all by themselves and polish off a serving of two adult-sized plates of rice. I had a taste...and it's pretty good. The rice is tasty, the chicken is tender, but the chilli - that oh so crucial component - could do with a little more kick.

Hubs orders the Cantonese fried noodles. Pretty good, with soft, slippery noodles and a thin, eggy sauce. But the noodles are cut too short and the sauce is a wee bit flat.

One big plus - the servings are huge (a bowl can feed two and an ala carte tends to cost between $10 to $20) and thus you can eat here for much less than Alice's if you don't mind sharing.

The best thing we have is not on the menu and is ordered as an afterthought.  Although stuffed after the meal, I spy a scribbling on the wall which advertises durian ice cream. I've been craving for durian because everyone on my Facebook has been boasting about the copius amounts of durian they have been consuming! sigh.

I order it and I love it. It's authentic, I can tell because of two factors :
a) there are little bits of durian inside, and
b) the quality of the after-meal burps! (lovers of durian will so know what I mean)

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