Aug 8, 2011

It's all about sports

My calendar is starting to look like an Aussie mom's. Firstly, I'm sitting by the pool for half an hour once a week (I'm told I can expect to be doing this for years). Secondly, I've just got Number One on a basketball team, so I will now be spending another half hour once a week cheering from the sidelines. Next year, when the season starts anew, we might be adding soccer to that list.

Sports is the one thing about Aussie culture that intimidates me. (well, that and floaty meat pies). Hubs and I are not sports people. We don't play sports, unless Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games counts. We don't watch sports or root for any team. Orange is a colour, Liverpool is a city, wallabies are marsupial animals.

Yet, I'm told it's all important. The Asian moms have caught on. A Chinese mom(as in mom from China) I met at a basketball lesson, said her 6-year old son is not athletic and complained about having to go to the lesson. "But I make him," she said. "It's all about sports here." It's not enough to excel academically, you have to excel at sports - the head girl and boy in Number One's school (both from migrant families) both represent the school in some state competitions - their parents devote a lot of time and fuel driving them to practice sessions several times a week, and then to the competitions.

I have no illusions about Number One becoming a sports star but I like the fact that playing a sport encourages teamwork, is healthy exercise and an avenue for the kids to get together outside of school. So I am so, so grateful to the Aussie moms who have helped me sort it all out  - explained seasons, tell me about introductory camps, ring up coaches to help Number One find a team and welcome a boy into their team who will be fumbling with the ball for quite a bit. Muahs!!

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