Aug 24, 2011

Birds at the Reptile Park

The Reptile Park has an interesting collection of birds.

cassowary reptile park

This, I am told, is a tawny frogmouth. It was in the same exhibit as the owls so I thought it was one.

owl reptile park

I embaressed myself by asking aloud if a weird-looking owl with a longish beak was a kookaburra.

No, this is a kookaburra. It sat in a large cage - the pix was shot by Hubs through a fence.

kookaburra reptile park

Some other birds...

pied stilt reptile park

bird reptile park

Flying foxes...

flying fox reptile park

flying fox reptile park

I think this bird is gorgeous. It has the look of a poet and appears deep in sombre thought.

white browed woodswallow reptile park

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