Aug 29, 2011

Authentic Fried Yee Mee, with pink raffia string

Look what I found in Coles...

yee mee cantonese style

Yee mee, or Cantonese style fried mee...and made in Malaysia at that.

yee mee cantonese style

It's so authentic it has that pink rafia string - I haven't seen that in awhile!

pink raffia string

So enamoured and had to buy it. Then of course, had to make sauce to pour atop the noodles. This is simply whatever goes and whatever is in the larder - I stir fry garlic, ginger, prawns, veges (greens, capsicums, carrots, brocolli, spring onions), and then add soya sauce and oyster sauce with some water, and add corn flour and water to thicken. Turn off fire and immediately drizzle in beaten egg to get those white streaks.

Recipes here and here.

We like it crunchy. Drench noodles in sauce if you want noodles to soften.

fried yee mee cantonese style egg sauce

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