Jul 14, 2011

Winterfest - birds of prey

The final bit from the Winterfest.

The star performer at the 'birds of prey' show was the falcon. It was released to fly and was tempted back to its handler by its 'toy' (I think it was a treat attached to a string). The falcon flew in exhilarating figure 8 loops, at some points barely skimming the top of the audience's heads with its razor sharp talons. At that point, I wondered if we were insured. (No pix of the falcon because it was too fast and the light was poor.)

I am not sure what this bird was, but it seemed too pretty to be a bird of prey. They didn't let this one fly on the day I was there because it had flown off the day before and didn't come back. The handler had to go looking for it.

winterfest bird of prey

This is an eagle. Just looking at it gives me the shivers. Those cold, calculated, piercing eyes, brrr. Before the show, it stood so still on its perch that I swore it was a statue.

winterfest eagle

After the show, this owl was having a snack. It took a break to stare right at me. You can almost drown in those dark, unmoving pools...

winterfest owl

winterfest owl feeding

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