Jul 1, 2011

Uncle Sun's bakuteh

Courtesty of a visiting friend, who brought this all the way from Malaysia, I declare Uncle Sun bakuteh the new champion of bakuteh premixs, with a few caveats.

At first, I wasn't sure if it even is bakuteh. It says oriental herbal soup on the packet. But the picture looked right and a trial delivered the yummiest bakuteh so far.

But as I said, a few caveats:
1) The herbs are all over, thus requiring some straining after you're done cooking.
2)  It is a bit strange in that it asks to add oyster sauce - usually it's soya sauce. (I added a bit of both)
3) It doesn't say MSG free - which I suspect means it does contain MSG, which would then give it an unfair advantage over the rest. Also, oyster sauce has MSG.

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