Jul 29, 2011

Snowy Mountain drive

Part of the charm in heading up to the mountains is always the view. I've played some driving games in my day, so when I saw this ...

Snowy Mountains Road trip

...I said to Hubs, "This looks like something out of Need for Speed'. And he, having played a LOT of driving games in his day, nodded in agreement.

The speed limit at the straight parts is an incredible 100km/h, possibly a good speed in summer, but a little crazy in winter, when snow and ice potentially form on the road.

The Snowy Mountains is a huge range of mountains, that are, as you can see, not all that snowy. I used to think it was just one area, but there are many snowfields within the Snowies that you can go to, and these are hours apart. This road is on the way to Mount Selwyn snowfields, from Adaminaby.

Snowy Mountains drive

Snowy Mountains Road trip

I know I'm taking a long time to get to it, but I will get to the part of the snow holiday next.


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