Jul 3, 2011

A 'pioneer woman' morning

I don't follow a lot of blogs but I love the Pioneer Woman. I love her wit and her mush. Her food is sinful and her photos are to die-for (although some are quite unreal).

I found this recipe for french toast on her site and I was intrigued by use of egg yolks and the half and half so that's what we had for breakfast this morning. I soaked the bread in egg yolks and half cream and half milk, then fried it in butter. I didn't make the berry butter, because I didn't have the berries, but am bound to try this one day, because it looks divine!

Result? I preferred it to the usual 'whole egg' method. She is right - the eggy taste wasn't there. But I couldn't make a lot because I would have too many egg whites left over and the Asian motto is 'don't waste'. Already I have two extra egg whites awaiting my sponge cake.

Accompanying my french toast was cold brewed coffee, also found on her website. I dare you to look at her photos and not say, "I have to try that."

So I did. I soaked coffee grounds in water and left them for 12 hours. I filtered then tasted the coffee and found it a little weak (I like coffee that is so thick it threatens to pick itself up and walk away).

But then I added a spot of condensed milk, milk and cream and tasted again. Mmmmmm. heaven, I sighed aloud.

"Bah, that's the sugar and cream talking," said Hubs, who was following my experiment.

It was...but then again, who needs coffee when you have condensed milk and cream?

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