Jul 12, 2011

Masterchef speak

The house is now in Masterchef addiction mode, thanks to me. I recently fell belatedly in love with the show. Watching the drool-worthy cooking inspires me when I am feeling lazy about having to cook yet again.

There is a lot of diversity in the Aussie version. Just on Friday, they had a Masterclass session fronted by a Vietnamese chef, and three ex-contestants who showcased Indian, Italian and Malaysian food! Yes! I saw my lovely pandan on air (he described it as Asian vanilla!), and a pot of boiling gula melaka on the Masterchef stove.

The house is also now using Masterchef speak. When I asked Hubs how the seared salmon I served for dinner was, he said : "The flavours are nicely infused...it's beautiful."

(We notice they say 'beautiful' a lot on Masterchef.)

Even Number One has tried his hand at it... Yesterday, I made a tomato and garlic ragout to top off store-bought ravioli. So I asked Number One how he liked it. "The ravioli is a bit cheesy," he said, "but I like it, it's ....beautiful," he said, which had me in peals of laughter.

But then he tried a bit too hard. "The cheese is ..err...cheesy and sticking to the top of my mouth," he added.
Which was quite accurate I found out, as I bit into the pasta, and to his credit, he did make an attempt to describe what he tasted and felt. It just wasn't very...beautiful.

We've now progressed to rating dishes. My dinner yesterday received a 6/10, (Hubs) 9/10 (Number One) and 100/1 (Number Two).

(That reminds me - Number One's dinnertime prayer the other day was, "Thank you God for this food before us, and thank you for making mama such a good cook." I nearly fell out of my chair!)

But to put things in proper context, my judges are biased, really. They are motivated by one simple fact - if this cook isn't happy, nobody eats!

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