Jul 4, 2011

First swimming lessons

Swimming is a big thing here. The importance of swimming was explained to me by a mom as such :

"Every child should know how to swim. We are surrounded by water. Many houses have pools. I told my child she had to learn how to swim or else she couldn't go to a playdate if the house had a pool. What if she fell in?"

The schools have swimming carnivals where an entire day is spent in competitive swimming. They also have swimming lessons at the end of the year (more like water safety than real swimming lessons, I'm told). If you don't want your child to be left out of a lot of these things, they should learn how to swim.

Of couse, other sports are also a big thing here (don't get me started on soccer) but we decided to start off with swimming first as the boys are mildly familiar with the concept, having splished and splashed about in pools.

Today was their first swimming lesson. Granted it was just 'get comfortable with the water' day, but it went well. I was a bit nervous about Number Two, because he isn't as comfortable with the water as Number One is (he has a kinda phobia about water getting into his eye), but he seemed to enjoy himself. In fact, Number Two said, "It was totally awesome!" (then five minutes later, he asked me what 'totally awesome' means) The teachers appear to be well trained and able to coax, sometimes trick, kids into stretching their swimming legs. The kids are raring to go for Day 2.

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