Jul 3, 2011

Big or little?

I know why there is a 'baby of the family'. Because kids grow up way too fast and you just want to hang on for as long as possible to the last one.  It's why I don't mind carrying Number Two for a little longer, even though he is now so heavy I can only lift him for about 5 seconds before I start wheezing. It's why I sometimes bury my nose in his hair and inhale deeply, trying to snag the last whiffs of that baby smell.

Young kids mean a lot of work, but it is also a period of peak affection and cuteness and faith in you that will never be topped again. I get hugs and "I love you"s every day from Number Two. The other day he was sick for a week, and when he was well, he told others, "My mama fixed me." I wish!

I am all too aware that Number Two is fast approaching a period when he can no longer be called little. Yet wanting the best of all worlds, I call him 'baby' when I want to cuddle, 'big' when I want him to be independent and 'small' when I want to keep him safe.

Today, we went to a medieval fair. We parked a long way away from the fair so we had to walk quite a bit and Number Two wanted to be carried. So I said to him, "You have to walk, You are a big boy now."

Then later at the fair, there was a battle ground with rubber shields and swords which kids could use to attack each other. I didn't allow him to play since I thought it a bit too rough for him. So I said, "You are too small."

"Please, please, please? The kids in there can play," he argued.

"Those are bigger boys. You are a small boy," I said.

He looked at me, frowned, and then gave me a sharp penetrating look. "But I am a big boy!" he said. "Remember when we walked here, you said I am a big boy? You did! You did!" he said triumphantly, while I rolled over in laughter.

Unfortunately for him, the playtime was over, and he never got to prove his point. But in the battle of wits, he scored a point against his opponent today.


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