Jun 2, 2011

Vivid Sydney

vivid sydney opera house

*Muaks* to Hubs for bringing us, trotting a camera bag and tripod and carrying a heavy, sleeping four-year old back on the train.

Vivid Sydney is a yearly art exhibition (find out more here.) Unfortunately, with two kids in tow, we couldn't check out all the 43 exhibits but the handful we managed were pretty impressive.

The star of the show was the animated 3D lights projected on the sails of the Opera House. The famous white sails were turned into a blank canvas, on which lights danced and weaved their scenes across the pitch black night sky. Photos can't do the animation justice, so intricate were the colours and fluid the animation.

vivid sydney opera house

vivid sydney opera house

This was an interactive art exhibit. People queue up to take turns at 'splashing' paint onto the building via sweeping hand motions, ala Wii.

vivid sydney opera house

This was actually my favourite.  The precision was astounding - every window and brick changed colours and textures continuously. It was like watching the brightest lit building in New York's Broadway street, only a transformer in the shape of a building stood in place of blinking neon lights.

vivid sydney customs house

The last show we caught at 10pm was the fire dance. Well, we as in Hubs and I - boths kids were KO-ed by then.

vivid sydney fire dance

p/s: Check out the Flickr for more photos.

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  1. These are all amazing shots.....I know you are so proud of yourself taking those pictures and witnessing it from your camera.