Jun 20, 2011

Supanova 2011

My first date with hubby was at a cybercafe (true story). I liked to shoot arrows at devil-spawned monsters, he didn't find this vicious trait alarming, and it was a match made in Diablo. We discovered that we both had complete collections of Robotech (we still do) and that we knew Starbucks first, not as a coffee chain.

So when we were told about a comic convention called Supanova held in Sydney, it was game on to check it out.

There was a surreal buzz at the event, the effect of walking amongst waterbenders, Marvel heroes, Spartan warriors and anime characters. And that really was my favourite part of the event - spotting characters and going, "Ooh, see there's .....!". We were wowed by the effort, the attention to detail and the spirit that ruled (demonstrated by the willingness to throw dignity out the door and wear really tight tights and red underwear!) Number One also proved worthy of our genes when he recognised some.

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