Jun 14, 2011

Pseudo Marmalade Cafe's Havana salad

marmalade havana salad recipe

I was never a salad-for-a-main-meal person till I had the Sounds of Havana salad at Marmalade Cafe. This holds in a spoonful the perfect marriage of nutty, rich cashew nuts; sweet juicy pineapples; salty, charred haloumi cheese; crunchy iceberg lettuce and peppery capsicums. You could say it is a Western version of the Cambodian Ngiom salad - a colourful crunchy, tossed salad of all flavours.

I made this for lunch recently because a friend gave me some Haloumi cheese and this is the only thing I know to do with Haloumi cheese. I'm not really a cheese person, but grilled Haloumi I lurve.

To make :
Pineapples, diced (I use the canned ones since picking a sweet ripe pineapple is beyond me)
Cashew nuts, roasted and slightly salted (I sometimes used roasted sunflower seeds)
Haloumi cheese, grilled on a pan with a little oil, diced
Iceberg lettuce, cut into short strips
Capsicums(red and yellow), diced
A vinagrette (mustard and olive oil, or red wine vinegar and olive oil)
Chicken, diced, marinated with some soy sauce, and grilled with butter (ideal for something to sink your teeth into but I usually am too lazy to add, as I was this time around)

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  1. Hi, stumbled upon ur blog while googling for Msian mom in Sydney blog. I sometimes lunch at Alice's too. I'm a SAHM, Msian with a 5yo girl, been in Syd for 10 years :)