Jun 23, 2011

Parent-teacher interview time

It's the season for parents to meet up with teachers and review their children's progress. So hubs and I meet Number One's teacher today.

We sit down, and Teacher tells us :
"I love teaching him. He is a delight to teach, polite, contributes actively in class, and just a ray of sunshine."

I look at Hubs and ask, "Who is she talking about?"


To all who have read my earlier posts where I fretted about how Number One would do in school, whether he would make friends, whether he would adapt to the new culture...I'm pleased to say, "It's all good!" Number One even has the beginnings of a little social life, and has had a few playdates (thank you mothers, who don't object to a stranger calling you out of the blue!)

Excuse me while I go do little jig right now.

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