Jun 1, 2011

The invasion

Speaking of accents, the Aussie accent has invaded Number One's tongue. It made its first appearance about two weeks ago. When I was walking home with him, he said the phrase, "That would be really good". And I couldn't for the life of me repeat it, but the way he said it was so alien, it made me stop in my tracks. The accent's more regular now, it comes and goes but can hang around for an entire dinner conversation.

Honestly, it grates on my ears. It's not the accent itself but it coming out of my son's mouth. It feels weird, as if there is a foreigner in my house who comes in uninvited; one who is changing my child into something I'm not; giving him something I never taught him. I know it was inevitable and am glad to see him blending well at school, but speaking to him is going to be a bit strange for a while till the new normal becomes normal.

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