Jun 21, 2011

I officially hate winter :(

I'm open to most things and I like to see the bright side of life. But I've decided to hate winter.

Here's why :

1) Heating is a pain. Small rooms are easy enough but the open spaced living room just cannot warm up enough.

2) I dread seeing my energy bill in 3 months' time.

3) I miss the sun. The early darkness is just unnatural.

4) I miss fresh air. I know I should open the windows occasionally but  see point (1) about difficulties of heating.

5) I dread turning on the taps first thing in the morning. Waiting for the water to get hot takes too long and then when it does get hot, it gets too hot! I am always either chilled by ice cold water or scalded by near-boiling hot water.

6) Red trees are gorgeous, naked trees are sad.

7) And my top reason for hating winter....is the never-ending colds. I've had one for two weeks, very mild but just ever present to annoy. Number Two is down with cold sores, apparently a winter illness.

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