Jun 12, 2011

Day trip to Dangar Island

To me, Sydney is all about water. The iconic water-bound Opera House, the hundreds of sailboats along the harbour, the jagged cliffs that look out at the horizon, the parks we frequent which have rivers and creeks running through them... the perfect Sydney day has vivid blue skies and a sun that shines upon jewelled waters.

A friend was in town, and having seen the sights in the city, I thought it a good idea to show another part of Sydney. We went to the public wharf at Brooklyn, in the nick of time to catch a ferry to Dangar Island, fortunate since a ferry is only an hour once. The ferry, named the Sun, looked like a relic and crawled like one. I think a hardworking fellow on a kayak could have kept up.

It was around a 15 minute ride before we landed on Dangar Island, a small island about a mile wide on the Hawkesbury river. This is the view from the jetty and the sole Dangar Island cafe, which as my friend and I observed, also doubled as convenience store, museum, and art and craft store.

Dangar Island Hawkesbury river

Dangar Island boats

Since no cars are used as transport, residents use wheelbarrows to cart their stuff around.

wheelbarrows Dangar Island

We walked on for a bit, and came to a small beach strip. Holiday houses line this strip, with speed boats and canoes parked on their frontyard.

Dangar Island beach house

Dangar Island beach

Dangar Island wharf

I love the little personalised signs across the island.

Dangar Island jetty

Dangar Island fire station

Dangar Island house

sign Dangar Island

And saw a gang fight.

We ended the day with oysters in Brooklyn, which is an oyster-farming community. Lovely, slippery soft and slight briny, well worth it at half dozen for $10.

Oysters Brooklyn

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