Jun 16, 2011

Conversations with the GPS

I once read an article about why Google isn't good for learning... since information is always at your fingertips, why bother remembering and internalising anything? It's a similar story with GPS. We got a GPS a few weeks after we arrived, and it's been a lifesaver in a new land. But it doesn't help one remember roads. I just obey without thought or question.

But as with Google, there are disadvantages to making decisions based on the knowledge of a third-party. You'd hope that that party is right! But Mr GPS isn't so all the time.

He has led me in circles, asked me to drive over concrete dividers and go through no-through roads. When he errs, I curse at him and ask a tad melodramatically, "Why, GPS, why are you doing this to me? Why?" When he leads me astray repeatedly, I wail aloud, "Nononono, don't ask me to do that." When, while on a straight path with no turnoffs, he decides to 'recalculate',  I ask him if he is lost.  (I know, I should get out more often, hehe)

The kids have picked it up. Aussie GPS frequently asks, "Has anyone seen my fitbag?" To which Number One and Twos respond in one voice, "No."

"Sheesh, why would you want to reply the GPS?" I asked one time. Number One shrugged, "He asked a question."

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