Jun 24, 2011

Aglio olio cili padi

aglio olio cili padi

Since I've become such a lazy cook, I love that this is one of hubby's top requests for lunch.

Pros: It's easy to make, super cheap, and I always have the ingredients on hand.
Cons : It's heavy on the salt to provide the taste and since it's chiefly made up of one ingredient (spaghetti), it probably doesn't satisfy the food pyramid

Lots of diced garlic
Finely sliced chilli (cili padi/bird's eye chillis)
Chilli flakes
Garlic salt (I like McCormick's)

How to
Cook spaghetti (add in salt and olive oil to boiling water) till al dente. Drain.
Set fire to medium, pour olive oil and put in garlic. Stir fry but don't let garlic brown and caramelise (like you would with Asian stir fries.)
Add chillis and fry.
Add noodles and toss.
Turn off fire. Add garlic salt and chilli flakes to taste.

To overcome the plain nature, you could always add bacon bits, parsley toppings and parmesan cheese but IMHO then it's not really aglio olio anymore. To  be more precise, this is Aglio Olio Peperoncino. Aglio is garlic, olio is oil, and peperoncino is chili. The wonders of Google.

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