May 19, 2011

On curious questions

Number Two took an interest in his birth story since his brother told him that he was born in a hospital.

So he comes to me and asks, "Did I come from the hospital?"

So I say,

"God took a bit of mama and a bit of papa and put you in here (gesture to belly) and you grew inside there, and when you were big enough, I went to the hospital and the doctor took you out. You were a tiny baby about this big (indicate one and a half feet) and I could cradle you like this..."

Number Two loves hearing this story and has asked me to tell it repeatedly. And he crawls into my arms at the point where I tell of the baby I held.

Trouble is Number One has to pipe in and ask,

"How did the doctor take the baby out?"


  1. How did you answer that question?

  2. I haven't! I usually change the subject or run away and it has worked so far, heh