May 21, 2011

The most wonderful sugar ever made

what you can do with gula melaka

The other day, I melted a block of gula melaka, and put the liquid in a recycled glass bottle which had held maple syrup (the label was still intact). A few days later, I made pancakes for breakfast. Since I am the one who makes, I'm usually the last to eat. When I finally get to the table, I find out someone inadvertently took out the bottle of liquified gula melaka and had been using it in place of maple syrup. This I found hilarious because they always insisted on pure maple syrup for pancakes, yet all were none the wiser. (and no, I didn't put the gula melaka in the maple syrup bottle on purpose, although on hindsight, I should have!)

Gula melaka in its thick and gooey form, is like no other sugar. It can, like no other sugar, make taste buds melt into a puddle of mush, the effect similar to upending a can of whipped cream and spraying into the mouth. Gula melaka goes in my taufoofa, sago pudding, three-layer coffee/tea (a blend of gula melaka, evaporated milk, and coffee or tea), kinchak (a kaya-like paste) and now, pancakes. The only problem with it in abundant supply is that I have to regularly resist the temptation to down it neat.

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