May 4, 2011

More on costs of living in Sydney

I said here that my average weekly bill on groceries alone was $130. Well, it's gone up to $160! Must be that food inflation reported in the newspaper *cough*. I think it's also because I have discovered Asian shops that are too well-stocked for my wallet.

Electricity here is really expensive. We just received our first quarterly electricity bill, which turned out to be an average of $125 a month, (over three months that spanned half summer, half autumn). Mind you, we don't have an A/C and we have hardly used the dryer or any heaters.

Also had to renew the registration on the car lately - boy, that was a whopper. It was about $300 for the road tax, and another $460 for the compulsory third party insurance. This is on top of paying $80 a month on comprehensive! (Here the premiums vary - based on age, driving record, etc and surprisingly, suburb)  Cars older than three years also need to be inspected for roadworthiness - this was fortunately just $40. Petrol is currently at $1.40 a litre so a full tank of 70 litres is almost $100. Thank goodness we only have one car.

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