May 26, 2011

Into the unknown : what to pack

view sydney tower

We made the move to Sydney without friends or relatives here, in fact, without ever having stepped foot in it once, and having visited the country for the first time only a year earlier. If I were asked to rank what is the most important thing to bring along an expat or a migrant, I know what I'd say.

I can't imagine leaving all that is familiar behind if I didn't have it;
I wouldn't willingly devalue my life savings in a blink of an eye;
I certainly wouldn't place myself in a land where I didn't know anyone within 100km;
Or give up a career I worked hard at for years;
Without it, my daily questions about the future would overwhelm me.

It's not money, a job, house or friends that are that vital ingredient I speak of.

It is Faith.

Because faith empowers, delivers peace, retains sanity, and it is a spring from which other things can flow.

Don't leave home without it.

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