May 26, 2011

I should quit while I'm ahead

I've been outwitted twice in a day. I should really quit while I'm ahead. It never used to be like this when we were young; our parents could give us the flimsiest of reasons and we would accept it like good boys and girls, wouldn't we?
Yesterday, Number Two asked me why his door wouldn't open (we child-locked it). I said it could open from the outside. He then asked "Why can your door open from the inside?" I replied that adult doors could open from the inside but kids' doors could only open from the outside.

Today, as I was driving, I hear a repeated light knock on the door.
"Stop banging the door," I tell Number Two, who is seated at the back and kicking the door with his foot.
"Why?" he asks.
Groping for a reason, I say "Because it's dangerous, what if the door opens?"
He replies: "But you said that kids' doors cannot open from the inside."
I have to give him this point.

Later in the same day, he comes to me while I am at the computer.
"Have you finished your lunch?" I ask him.
"No," he says. "I want to stay here with you."
"Go finish your lunch first," I say, "I will not play or speak with you until you do. When you are done, you can come here."
He continues to hang around, so I ignore him. He babbles on and on, while I am checking out my updates on Facebook. I am very good at shutting out distractions when I am absorbed in something, so I really don't hear what he is saying to me. Then five minutes into this exercise of him trying to get my attention, I vaguely register some arms being thrown around my neck and a "I love you!" being announced.

"I love you too," I automatically respond.

A grinning face is thrust into mine. "You spoke to me!" Number Two triumphantly shouts.

Errr...I look up at Hubs, whose eyes are filled with mirth, apparently amused at my downfall and he says, "You did..."

So I did...Game, set and match. I shut off my computer and go out to accompany him at the lunch table.

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