May 10, 2011

The arsenal against colds

I can normally go by a year without catching a single cold. But I've been beset by them ever since arriving.

I reckon it's the weather (it's 16 degrees today) and the new viruses here. Not only do I have to build up a new database of prices, laws, customs, friends and activities, I also have to rebuild my immune system!

To ward off an incoming cold, there's the good old activated Manuka honey. Fortunately for us since we are going through it mighty quick, it is about half of its price in ringgit, dollar to dollar. At least I think so...this bottle is about $55.

activated Manuka honey UMF 15

Hub's favourite is orange juice - buying it by the bottle is much cheaper than buying the fruit and pressing it yourself, albeit with some gives.  Here's some information on orange juice that is squeezed and pasteurised vs orange juice made from concentrate. The one we buy says farm to bottle and has a use-by period of one week.

orange juice Nudie

Ginger is an immune booster and a popular home remedy for the flu, so I decided to try it out. I generally dislike ginger, except when it goes with beef and spring onion. But I found a ginger tea for those who hate ginger.

The sharp taste of ginger is tamed with green tea and sugar (ok, you got me, quite a bit of sugar). They really make a good, complementary combination - I found some recipes that suggested a combination of orange juice/lemon with ginger, and I tried those but I think they have too much character to go together with the ginger. I don't know if it really works but taken hot, it calms and yet, rejuvenates. Actually, it tastes like those teas they give you when you get out of the spa.

ginger green tea for flu and colds

To make, steep about an inch of a large ginger(sliced) and a teaspoon of Japanese green tea in boiling hot water in a small Chinese teapot and leave for about 10 minutes, then add a heaping teaspoon of cane sugar and stir.

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