May 16, 2011

4 things I have learnt

I learnt :

1)  to do the *muah, muah* hug. Still awkwardly, but I'm getting there.

2) that money plants don't like the cold and that they display brown patches on the leaves when exposed to a change of climate. (there goes $12)

money plan golden pothos devil's ivy

3) how to get ribbons to go twirly swirly. You tease it by running the edge of the scissors by the edge of the ribbon in one quick pull. (I spent hours doing this when I voluntered for something)

how to make a ribbon twirl

4) that the first cultivated carrots were purple in colour and that orange carrots only first existed in the 16th century. I bought a purple carrot out of curiosity - it tastes like an orange carrot, only slightly bitter.
purple carrot

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