May 23, 2011

2's advice

Number Two frequently comes out with strange words. Today, I was reminded by a friend of what he (then 3 years old) said when she came for our garage sale.

"We have everything you need."

I didn't realise I had a salesman in the house!

Earlier today, I was trying to motivate him to finish his dinner. As I encouraged him, my voice rose in a crescendo, increasing in pitch and pace. "Hurry up, when you are done with your rice, you can have the last papadam (this is a deep-fried cracker, for those in the dark). You're almost done! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!"

There was silence. Then slowly, he said :

"You need, to stay, calm."

I burst into laughter and related the incident to Hubs, saying, that Number Two told me 'we need to stay calm."

Here, he interrupts to correct me. "No, YOU need to stay calm."

"Calm down."

Sheesh, my four year old just made me feel like a three-year old. 

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