Apr 10, 2011

Wanted: Me

Yesterday, after dinner, I left the house for a meeting.

The announcement that I was leaving was greeted with much consternation by Number One and Two. I used to leave the house all the time without drawing more than a second glance, and "uh, yah, bye." But since I now am at home all the time, it's a matter of concern when I leave.
It's strange how fast things become the new normal.

Of course Hubs had to add to it by telling them that I was going on a trip.

Where are you going? queries Number One. "Do you get on a plane? A ferry? A car? How long will you be gone?"

I assure all I would be back in a jiffy, but the interrogation continued. So I say I will be away for less than two hours and won't even be taking the car.

I'll miss you," says frowny and pouty face One, who hugs me.
I'll miss you too, says frowny and pouty face Two, who hugs and kisses me and clings on like the monkey he is.

Ten minutes later, I get my bag and my keys, and open the door. Wait, holler the two. Another round of hugs and kisses ensues.

Sometimes it's nice to be not needed, if only for two hours. But it's always nice to be wanted.

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