Apr 8, 2011

The search for the perfect bakuteh - part 5 (Cheong Kim Chuan)

And you thought we were done.

This one has one big negative - most of the ingredients are not in a sachet and end up all over the soup. While this is perhaps out of a desire for authenticity, it's messy. And I don't like the slightly sour taste, accorded by too many dried plums and kei chi, I suspect.

I've found a way to improve on the bkt though, as told to me by a friend here. Boil it to death, way beyond the one hour instructed on most packets. I go 2.5 hours and that's when the yum starts to emerge. Add loads of stuff: mushrooms, fried tau pok, extra garlic (I even add garlic oil, shhhh). Doing this with Tean's Gourmet resulted in a soup that was voted to be better than Alice's. Yay!

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