Apr 14, 2011

Life at Bobbin Head

Just after we arrived at Bobbin head park, I spied this masked lapwing looking like he's on the way to a masquerade ball.

masked lapwing at bobbin head

After we were done with lunch, we took a walk. The kids fed some seagulls and ducks that were by the river. Number One kept dropping the food closer and closer to us until the crumbs were just a foot away. As I mentioned before, the animals here aren't shy. This wood duck came so close, my camera could barely focus.

This one, with the red beak and legs, and piercing eyes, is a silver gull.

silver gull seagull red legs

We walked by the river and the boys fed some fish. We'd watch  a piece of bread floating peacefully away, then suddenly dissapearing with a 'plop'.

fish moving in to feed

fish food gone

As we crossed a small bridge, Number One asked why the water had 'blinking eyes'. It did look like twinkling diamonds were doing a synchronised swim up the river.

water spiders

Hubs said they were water spiders, treading water. Spiders in the water too... Right....

water spiders

On the bridge, we saw some ducks over yonder. They were apparently hungry. After the kids dropped some bread over the side of the bridge, they dashed over like a torpedo with legs.

pacific black duck

pacific black duck

On the way out we saw this, a golden orb weaver spider. They are about the size of a child's palm and have distinct yellow stripes on the legs. There is one with a large web just outside the compounds of Number One's school. I figured they are not poisonous (would well hope the one near the school would be cleared out if so!) but was still not going near one. Hubs took this pix. The spider thrashed around a bit when it sensed Hubs  about two feet away.

golden orb weaver spider striped yellow

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