Apr 3, 2011

Gain time, lose time

Twas 3am, an hour neither day or night. All across the land, the fabric of time was being stretched. In the blink of an eye, an hour was created.

Daylight savings time officially ended.

Blurr me only registered it when I found we were living in two different time zones - the PC clock said it was 8am while the wall clock said it was 9am. It is strange to me, the concept of manipulating time. The question "What's the time" has always had a definitive answer and I've always thought of Time as inviolable. Do we put now the kids at their usual time or the 'new' time? Will we be hungry an hour early? I commented that it was dark early today at 6pm only to be reminded by Hubs that it was actually 7pm!

So what did we do with the extra hour of life we discovered as we greeting the morning?
We slept in.

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