May 2, 2011

An Asian nod to Vegemite

simple vegemite pork

Vegemite is quintessentially Aussie. But I'm not really a fan of eating it on toast. The only way I'll eat Vegemite is in porridge and on Vegemite pork ribs.

Vegemite (or Marmite or Bovril) and honey, go together like salt and pepper, Bonnie and Clyde, coffee and Coffeemate. Honey is sweet while Vegemite/Marmite is salty and with a sharpness to it. In this pairing's case, the honey takes away the sharpness and dims the saltiness, while the Vegemite tones down the sweetness, creating a savoury caramel.

Vegemite and Marmite's secret is MSG without the M and S, that is naturally occuring Glumate without the table salt added. Glumate sends happy thoughts to your taste buds. (an interesting nugget of information - did you know breastmilk has glutamates too?)

Ingredients :

Pork ribs; soya sauce;
1 egg; cornflour;
4 tablespoons of honey; 1 teaspoon of Vegemite


1) Marinate pork ribs in soya sauce.
2) Dip pork ribs into egg white. Coat with cornflour, dusting off the excess.
3) Deep fry till golden brown. Dish out and drain.
4) Add a teaspoon of Vegemite to about 4 tablespoons of honey. (A little Vegemite goes a long way.) Add a tablespoon of water and stir.

blend honey and Vegemite

5) Heat the Vegemite/honey combination, till you get a brown syrup.
6) Pour brown syrup over meat.

Here, I also fried some prawn crackers just so I have another excuse to dip something into the yummy sauce.


  1. Vegemite in porridge???
    Ewwww Factor x 1,000!!!
    FYI; Vegemite was made for toasted sandwich with cheese.

  2. Actually it was marmite I ate with porridge when i was very young, it was common way to feed kids back then! Marmite is beef based.

  3. You're not alone!! :) I used to eat Bovril with porridge. Lots of kids in Asia eat porridge with Bovril/Marmite/Vegemite. Delish!

  4. You're right! I had Bovril with porridge, not Marmite, as Bovril came first. My mom used to say I grew 'big and strong' on that stuff!