Mar 24, 2011

The truth about time and tall giants

To kids, time is a mystery.

When he was five years old, Number One told me that he would love me forever and ever. Until he was six! When I told him that was not very long, he said, "Till I am sixteen?" And I accepted that gladly, since that was more than three lifetimes for him.

Recently, a conversation between Number Two and I found me musing about a kid's idea of time...

Number Two says : "I'm not taller than you, right?"

And I say, "No, but you will be one day." (I am short)

"Yes, when I am five!" he says.

I correct him to say it will take longer than that. (I am not that short.)

"How old are you?" he asks.

I reply, and he says...

"But you are not as tall as papa...," he says. (Papa is tall)

He applies the ratio of his height to Number One's height, and the fact that they grow continously, and wide-eyed, he concludes:

"Papa must be a hundred years old!"

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