Mar 1, 2011


I love skies.

You just know why, for thousands of years, man has looked up to see God.

Some sunrises and sunsets are just breathtaking. My family is accustomed to me stopping in my tracks, gasping and swooning at around 7pm in the evening. Number One and Two occasionally yell helpfully, "Quick, get your camera!"

I love how every sunset is unique, like a fingerprint.

I love the gradient colours in the sky. A sublime piece of art.

I love how clouds take on different hues as they sail by.

And I love how you can stare at a setting sun, and see a changing scene every second as the sun sinks below the horizon, taking the light with it.

Note : All the pix are of the sun setting at the same place. The colours are real. The grandeur could not be replicated.

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