Mar 4, 2011

A song to sing...

Number One wanted to play "Disney Sing it", a Wii karaoke game featuring songs from Disney cartoons, and compete against Number Two. But I said, "That's not fair, 'Number Two' can't sing." (as in, he's too young to play)

But never say never in front of kids when the subject matter is play. Number Two piped up and protested, "Yes, I can! See?" and opens his mouth to sing.

I thought he was going to offer up as proof of his vocal abilities, the ABC song, which he has been practising daily, or the "I'm a little teapot", which he likes because of the tipping action at the end of the song. Instead, he went :

"I'm single lady, I'm a single lady..."

I guess tackling Beyonce is undeniable proof!

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Beyonce's Single Ladies.

    did u capture video of number 2 singing that?
    hope u did, would love to watch him.

    ah i sure do miss all of u!

    - jennifer -