Jun 11, 2011

How to clean a sticky residue off anything

Because of my *ahem* less than great housekeeping skills, I've done many a google search titled, "how to remove ... stains." One of my discoveries was the awesome baking soda and vinegar. The other is eucalyptus oil, fitting since I'm in the land of gum trees.

It all started with grease on the countertop that nothing else would remove, not even baking soda and vinegar. After counsel from Google, a dab of eucalyptus oil on a cotton pad and a rub -  voila!, stain gone.

It works because eucalyptus oil is a solvent. A solvent dissolves other substances, more common examples of a solvent are turpentine and nail polish remover. Delighted with my results, I tried it on what looked like tiny remmants of Blu Tack on the wall. A moment later, gone! Be judicious about the use on walls though, it ...erm..removes paint as well.

Since it dissolves sticky stuff, it also removes that most pesky of residues - the glue left behind after labels have been removed. (If removing label from glass bottle, pour hot water inside first to loosen the glue, and then remove label by peeling it off)

Peel label off bottle

Here is the before (left)/ after (right) shot.

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