Mar 3, 2011

The search for the perfect bakuteh, part 3 - Tean's Gourmet

I know I am on a pointless quest. No homemade bakuteh can come close to the stuff made in the shops in Malaysia, with their special spice concoctions, massive variety of meat and bones, the stock boiled for hours on end, and probably liberal doses of MSG as well.

But as I said in an earlier post - I am an optimist and I like a challenge. In other words, I will be trying every bakuteh premix there is on sale in Sydney.

Tean's Gourmet sells a pretty mean dried prawn chilli in a bottle. So I looked with faith upon their bakuteh premix. And yes, I was so eager to cook it, I forgot to take a picture first, and ended up doing a dumpster dive.

As a premix, it's loads better than the first I tried. But I think it's lacking a bit of kick. Number One likes it and says it's better than Alice's, but Hubs say Alice's is better. I'm inclined to agree with Hubs.

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