Mar 28, 2011

Scenes from Blue Mountains' Scenic World

Going to Scenic World is one of the premier touristy things to do in the Blue Mountains. And since we were making our first day trip, we headed there.

The journey from North Sydney to Katoomba (which is where Scenic World and Echo Point, the lookout point for Three Sisters, are) takes about one and a half hour, provided traffic is good. Scenic World has three rides - the Skywalk is a 10-minute-ride in the sky; while the Railway and the Cable Car take you to the bottom of the valley (and back to the top). A return trip to the valley and back, in either the Cable Car or Railway, costs A$40 for a family of four, while doing all three costs $70.

We did the Skywalk first. Standing on the glass bottom as the car glides over a few thousand feet, is an interesting sensation. Number One was all for it, but Number Two appeared uncertain - first, he decided didn't want to be there, then he learnt to get over it and well, avoided looking down. On the ride back, he was the first to jump on the glass bottomed area.

scenic world skywalk glass bottom

Don't worry, there are seats on solid ground for those who are nervous about heights.

From the Skywalk, you can see a waterfall and the Three Sisters. We got off at one end of the Skywalk and went for a walk to see the waterfall upclose.

scenic world skywalk view waterfalls

Next, my favourite ride, though altogether too short - the steepest railway in the world. Imagine a theme park ride which goes through a jurassic rainforest, instead of painted fibreglass props. At its worst (or would that be at its best), the incline is 52 degrees.

I love this sign. Says it all.
scenic world railway

You see snippets of the valley and mountains as you careen down the slope.
scenic world railway view

scenic world railway view steep incline

At the bottom, over 2.8kms of boardwalk allow you to walk the rainforests without having to deal with leeches and poisonous vines.

Scenic world walkway

We took the Cable car ride up - that was crowded and quite the bore. I almost wished we had taken the Railway again, but for the fact that we would have to ride backwards up the slope. For that reason, if deciding which combination to take the rides, it's best to take the railway down, and not up.

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