Feb 15, 2011

Sago pudding with cream and Gula Melaka

sago pudding with cream and gula melaka

This is labourious but lovely.

Cooked sago/tapioca pearls, is normally tasteless and sticky, as appetising as congealed glue. But it is transformed into gastronomic genius when cream and caramel cling to its every sticky molecule.

sago tapioca pearls

The original way to have sago pudding is with rock palm sugar or Gula Melaka/Malacca sugar, and fresh coconut milk. But I can't find fresh coconut milk here, and those who have had it fresh will alway abhor the canned sort. So I substituted with cream. And I am now the convert.

There is no subsitute for the rock palm sugar though so I was estatic to find gula Melaka in an Asian shop. There was also the liquid gold in a bottle but I chose to be a purist and buy the block.

gula melaka block

Of course, then I had to melt the block. But I had fun cleaning up the pot. With my fingers. Mmmm..

melt gula melaka

liquid gula melaka


Tapioca pearls/ sago; Gula Melaka/ rock palm sugar ; Fresh cream or coconut milk

1) Boil tapioca pearls/sago in a pot of water, stirling constantly to avoid the sago clumping together and burning at the base. (Didn't I say labourious?). Sago is cooked when it is translucent, this roughly takes about 10 minutes.
2) Pour into sieve and run over cold water to wash away starch.
3) Pour sago into a container. You can pour right into cups, and just take out the cups to serve. I pour them into mini cupcake moulds.
4) If using block, melt gula melaka with a bit of water, stiring over low heat.
5) Chill everything and serve with the sugar and cream or coconut milk.

(In the spirit of experimentation, I tried condensed milk instead of cream but the two sweet substances just overwhelm. Stick with cream)

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