Mar 16, 2011

Navigating Aussie beaches

Australian beaches are a complicated affair, one which I haven't quite figured out.

The sand is beautiful and white.

manly beach

Good sandcastle making material.

sandcastles in the sand

Aquamarine waters, so clear you can see the bottom.

clear waters at beach

The sun's reflection make the beaches look like they are scattered with diamonds.

diamonds in the water

But the beaches are also treacherous and unpredictable.
Here, the sun can be blazing in the sky, yet the water feels like it comes out of your refridgerator. It can be sunny when heading out, yet gloomy when at the beach half an hour later.

dangerous current sign

And then, there are the gales. These pictures aren't grainy, fine sand is blowing everywhere, standing in this feels like being bitten by a million mites.


sandstorm lifeguard

Picking a beach to go to, is an art, I think. How sheltered a beach is, the direction it faces, the weather forces of the day...

I grew up on an island, and the only question I had to answer when heading out to the beach was "Is it going to rain?"

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