Mar 23, 2011

My plants are in love with Leachate

I don't have green thumbs. If they are green, they are stained by the lifeblood of the many plants I have killed in my attempts at gardening.

But as I said before, I am an optimist and I like a challenge.

I have found a wonderful ally in my quest for gardening success. ...Worm wee aka leachate. This brown liquid comes out of the worm farm, and is mainly water that has come through the worm castings and partially decomposing food. There is much debate whether it is good for plants, and some people just toss it away. It is 'inferior' to worm tea, which is made from steeping the finished product of worm castings. But my plants vote with their green leaves and robust growth. They love it.

These are my waterlogged chillies. It rained for 3 days nonstop.

This is the lemongrass and mint I rooted earlier.

And cherry tomoates. Number One and Number Two are fighting over the honour of who planted it, although the only thing they did was stick the seed in the ground.

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