Mar 17, 2011

My (mis)adventures at Narrabeen beach

On picturesque but treacherous beaches, continued...

We set out for Narrabeen one fine day in the middle of summer. The sun is out and it's blue skies. When we arrive 45 minutes later, the sun has gone astray and the wind is blowing up a storm at the beachfront. Fortunately, there is a lagoon at Narrabeen, which is shaded from the strong winds. The water is cold but the boys are gamely at it, blue lips and all.

narrabeen lagoon

I kick off my shoes, and wander away with my camera to take a stroll. There is a rock pool on the other side, so I decide to cross the 'stream'. Since it is shallowest near the mouth which leads to the ocean (or was it from the ocean), I cross there.

Holding up a camera that weighs about 1kg, and costs more than I dare own up to, I waded into the water. At which point I find out that

a) the currents are strong
b) the ground is rocky which makes for slippery treading
c) as the water gushes between these rocks, the waters pick up speed
c) and that how deep the water is is a relative thing - depending on whether one is standing upright or taking a horizontal position


By the time I realise all this, I am almost halfway through. With the water lapping at the edge of my shorts. I cross at the pace of a snail, stopping frequently to curse.

At this point, I also stop to take a picture for posterity.

narrabeen beach

(Since I am posting this and have since taken more pictures, you can probably tell my camera and I got to the other side in one piece.)

But I then face another dilemma. How do I get back?

I face the stream again. Hey, if I've done it once...

But... I've lost my ignorance, and the courage that came with it.

And yet...It's the easiest way to get across, I tell myself...

So I face the stream again.

And I walk away.

And walk back.

And walk away.

And end up taking the long way around, walking barefoot on the main road. Fortunately, walking barefoot is not an unusual thing in Ozland, and I hardly got a second glance.

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